The Next Republic. D D. Guttenplan.

The Next Republic

Seven Stories Press, December 2019. Paper Back. New. Item #225753
ISBN: 1609809696

What will the post-Trump return to democracy in America look like, and what are its historical antecedents?

National political correspondent and award-winning author D. D. Guttenplan's The Next Republic is an extraordinarily intense and wide-ranging exploration of how democracy rises and falls in America.

The Next Republic introduces us to some of the organizers and politicians who are helping to bring about change in America, like new labor activist JANE McALEVEY; racial justice campaigner (and mayor of Jackson, Mississippi) CHOKWE ANTAR LUMUMBA; environmental activist (and chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party) JANE KLEEB; Chicago's first openly gay Latino public official, CARLOS RAMIREZ-ROSA; Justice Democrats communications director WALEED SHAHID; communications director for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 2020 campaign CORBIN TRENT; and anti-corruption crusader ZEPHYR TEACHOUT. Guttenplan juxtaposes this new social movement with chapters on key transitions in our nation's history: the Whiskey Rebellion, the Lincoln Republic, and the Roosevelt Republic.

Altogether, Guttenplan deeply fathoms the great American problem that is our democracy, and the prospects for its resurgence. Both unyielding and resoundingly hopeful, The New Republic foresees the post-Trump era as one that may not only restore American values, but also see a radical new transformation of them to match the new challenges we face as a nation.

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