Herodotus : The Histories : New Translation, Selections, Backgrounds, Commentaries. BLANCO HERODOTUS, JENNIFER TOLBERT, ROBERTS, WALTER.

Herodotus : The Histories : New Translation, Selections, Backgrounds, Commentaries

W W Norton & Co Inc, January 1992. Trade Paperback. Used - Very Good. Item #211432
ISBN: 0393959465

The selections from The Histories show Herodotus as ethnographer and as narrative historian, including his rich descriptions of Egyptian civilization and its contributions to Greek culture and his dramatic account of the Persian wars

"Backgrounds and Commentaries" provide students with a context for understanding Herodotus's place at the genesis of the historical narrative tradition. Great classical accounts by Aeschylus, Thucydides, Aristotle, and Plutarch serve as comparative pieces in early historical narrative while critical commentaries by modern scholars--including Hume, Mill, Macaulay, Collingwood, Momigliano, Ferrill, and others--engage students in the debate over Herodotus's historical authority.

A master Map, Chronology of Events, Glossary of names, places, and terms, and explanatory footnotes facilitate the student's understanding of this work. A Bibliography directs readers to resources for further study.

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