The Temple Bombing. MELISSA FAY GREENE.

The Temple Bombing

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One of our city’s most celebrated writers, Greene has called Atlanta home for longer than A Cappella has, and this is her singularly Atlanta book. It is a panoramic portrait of the city before it shook free of the ugliest, most naked prejudice that continues to haunt much of the South to this day. In telling the story of one of Atlanta’s most shameful events, Greene also focuses on one of our most exemplary leaders on racial and interfaith relations: Rabbi Jacob Rothschild. We are proud that Greene has been a customer since she had babes in arms and to now serve some of those same babes as A Cappella regulars.

Da Capo Press, August 2006. Trade Paperback. New. Item #217184
ISBN: 0306815184


"At 3:37 in the morning of Sunday, Oct. 12, 1958, a bundle of dynamite blew out the side wall of the Temple, Atlanta's oldest and richest synagogue. The devastation to the building was vast--but even greater were the changes those 50 sticks of dynamite made to Atlanta, the South and, ultimately, all of the United States. . . . The synagogue's rabbi, Jacob Rothschild, had been preaching civil rights to his congregation for years. If the bombers thought the dynamite could silence Rothschild, they were sadly misinformed. . . ."

"GREENE SKILLFULLY WEAVES THE TEMPLE BOMBING INTO THE HISTORY OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. . . . A profound social context for her compelling portrait of its hero, Rabbi Rothschild."

--The Philadelphia Inquirer

"THIS BOOK IS ILLUMINATING AS IT IS SHOCKING. . . . The emotional power of the narrative is heightened by the author's gifts as a storyteller. . . . She has talent for bringing scenes vividly alive."

--The New York Times Book Review

"READS LIKE A GRIPPING, BESTSELLING NOVEL . . . How and why this horrific bombing transpired is the book's main subject. Unraveling who would do such a thing becomes a psychological thriller in Greene's hands. . . . The Temple Bombing culminates in the suspenseful trials following the crime."

--San Francisco Chronicle

"RICH WITH ARTFULLY DRAWN CHARACTERS . . . We can be grateful to Greene for re-creating the story of an unheralded hero of the civil rights movement."

--Atlanta Journal & Constitution.

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