Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays. DAVID SEDARIS.

Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays

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The other literary alchemist we stumbled upon in those early years when we bought, sold, and read almost nothing new, was David Sedaris. What was this title—a weird collection of essays? Stories? We weren’t sure what they were, except brilliant, original, and hilarious. Of course, we were only discovering what everybody else was learning at the same time. Within a few years, we would be at Sedaris’s side, selling books after he read in front of thousands at places like the Fabulous Fox Theatre. And one time, witnessed him speaking to a crowd in the hundreds, spilling out onto Haralson Avenue from our tiny store, where a woman fainted from the heat of all the bodies pressed together. We were there until long after midnight, an occasion we will never forget.

Back Bay Books, June 1995. Trade Paperback. New. Item #222748
ISBN: 0316779423

In David Sedaris's world no one is safe and no cow is sacred. A manic cross between Mark Leyner, Fran Liebowitz, and the National Enquirer, Sedaris's collection of stories and essays is a rollicking tour through the national Zeitgeist: a do-it-yourself suburban dad saves money by performing home surgery; a man who is loved too much flees the heavyweight champion of the world; a bitter Santa abuses the elves; a teenage suicide tries to incite a lynch mob at her funeral.

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