Item #232099 Shintai Kyousei Jutsu: The Art of Effortless Opponent Body Control. Prof Dan Anderson.

Shintai Kyousei Jutsu: The Art of Effortless Opponent Body Control

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, October 2015. Trade Paperback. Used - Good. Item #232099
ISBN: 1516875788

Every martial art has common techniques, common moves used to defend yourself. There is an element which leads to superior or advanced martial arts application. We hear tales of it. We see evidence of it. But what actually is this element that will take your martial arts skills to the next level? Shintai Kyousei Jutsu is the element needed to make your martial arts technical application go from needing speed and power to being effortless. This book contains the "secrets" of the ancient masters outlined in a clear cut, easy to understand method. Prof. Dan Anderson says "This is the peak of all my studies. To transcend from mere physical attributes to effortless scientific application is the goal for all martial artists. I believe I have found a way that any martial artist can now make that leap." No matter what martial art you study, this book will aid you in your journey to ultimate skill.

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