Free Press: Underground and Alternative Publications, 1965-1975. JEAN-FRANCOIS BIZOT.

Free Press: Underground and Alternative Publications, 1965-1975

Universe, September 2006. First American. Oversize Softcover. Used - Very Good. Item #233572
ISBN: 0789314967

Taking its collective name from the wartime "underground press" of Europe's anti-Nazi resistance, the publications examined here were all members of the Underground Press Syndicate (later renamed the Alternative Press Syndicate), founded in 1967 so that member papers could freely share and reprint material. This utopian model resulted in an explosion of alternative publications worldwide as every small start-up had access to the work of soon-to-be famous writers, journalists, artists, and graphic designers. Among the notable figures whose work has appeared in these pages are Hunter S. Thompson, T. Coraghessan Boyle, Ken Kesey, R. Crumb, Art Spiegelman--to name only a few. The underground press documented everything from politics and art to film and fashion. Among the publications featured here are The Los Angeles Free Press (persecuted by the Nixon-era FBI for its antiwar views), The East Village Other (the first to adopt a psychedelic layout), Interview (founded by Andy Warhol and the first to feature homoerotic imagery), The Chicago Seed, Oracle, and The Berkeley Barb (famous for one cover showing a young man with a chain around his mind). The ideas unleashed in these now vintage publications continue to reverberate through society and influence public discourse and graphic design in the form of today's 'zines and online blogs.

Folio (9' x 13&1/2') First/first (US) paperback original. Originally published in French in 2006 as 'Free Press La contre-culture vue par la Presse Underground' (Actuel / Under Press Syndicate). Clean, sound, with mild shelf wear. Beautiful full page color reproductions of underground press covers. Emphasis on some European publications not always covered in books about 60s underground press such as Actuel, The International Times & Action. This is due to the fact this is a book about the Underground Press Syndicate, but that also means there are plenty of great US alternative papers such as the great East Village Other, the Berkeley Barb & Atlanta's own, amazing Great Speckled (the) Bird. The latter is shown gloriously with the 'you can't jail the revolution!' Huey Newton issue. Towards the end of the book and the true end of '60s hippie culture, well past 'sell by' date, amidst the last years of 1970s, the editors include the great New York Rocker. Then they slip in a non-Underground Press Syndicate publication Punk Magazine's John Holmstrom -- in 1980 for godz sake --declare The Death of Punk on the front page of The East Village Eye (formerly The Other). Somewhere along the way someone must have also declared the death of the '60s, only someone else forgot to put it in typeface.

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