Item #236687 Life is a Rip Off. John 'Inzane' Olson.

Life is a Rip Off

Third Man Books, May 2016. Paper Back. Used - Very Good. Item #236687
ISBN: 0996401601

LIFE IS A RIP OFF: THE COMPLETE BOOK is 404 pages and 12 months of record reviews--one record a day, every day, for one year. Yes, John "Inzane Olson aka Inzane Johnny of Wolf Eyes aka American Tapes did that. And he reviewed everything from death metal demo cassettes to the Staples Singers' gospel. Enter into the OLZONE and find out about music you've never known, bands from places that you've never heard, and then read his review of classic rock cornerstones such as KANSAS. Reading LRIP will make you re-realize why blues is relevant, why every punk band in America matters, why jazz is good for the heart, and metal will always ride by your side.

To write music op-ed this good, you have to tap the primordial sap sack, to butterfly stroke the ancient ooze of tune begatment, cave dwell with the knuckle draggers, scratch symbols into the dirt with the freaks and make it rain. He do and it did.--Henry Rollins

[Life is a Rip Off] is the best way [John Olson] can add another cubist layer to the sound and visuality he's already presented for the last twenty or so years. He's sharing something the people who don't know him personally don't get enough of--his textual, syntactical brain, stained as it is with dollar-store spray paint.-- Ben Hell Hall, Detroit artist.

When John agreed to write a record review a day, back in 20xx, I wasn't too keen on the idea. Not because I didn't think he could do it - but that I knew he would do it, even if it became a years-long all-encompassing obsessive task.--Tovah Olson, The Dead Machines.

[John Olson] didn't just introduce me to different worlds, the man introduced me to entire universes.--Bryan Ramirez, Killertrees Records.

Quarto (Eight & 1/4-inch x Ten & 1/2-inch) Clean, sound, no markings. This has been read. The first few pages (ten or so) have a bit of dog ear at top right-hand corner, but this still looks great. Very good+ overall. John Olson runs the American Tapes label, a pretty great label that releases as you would guess cassette tapes but also CDRs and some vinyl. He is also a musician probably most famously the noise band Wolf Eyes. I actually was the DJ for one of their shows once at the Drunken Unicorn, when they played with several bands including one (I forgot the name) with Grux, (formerly of Caroliner Rainbow). Anyhow, John Olson, according to discog has also been in about 100 other bands besides Wolf Eyes, most I have never heard of, so he is a busy boy. Yet he had time to do this book. The Third Man website describes it thus: Life is a Rip Off; THE COMPLETE BOOK is 404 pages and 12 months of record reviews—one record a day, every day, for one year. It is now completely sold out at Third Man, which is why I have the gumpson to ask such a high price. As I type these words my price is cheap compared to other copies I find listed.

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