Item #238421 False Positive Magazine (11 issues, Full Run). Donna Kossy.

False Positive Magazine (11 issues, Full Run)

Out-of-Kontrol Data Korporation, January 1984. Stapled Magazine. Used - Very Good. Item #238421

This full run of 11 color xerox stapled zines are in great condition. Very good/fine overall. Without stains, markings, tearing or missing pages. False Positive issued 11 issues between 1984 and 1988. Each issue addresses one topic, #1 Technology; #2 Kooks, #3: Japan, #4 Crime, #5 Food & Drugs. #6: Sex; #7: Generic, #8: Kooks II, #9: Youth, #10: Cars, #11 is Last Issue (!?). Kossy went on to publish between 1988–1991, Kooks Magazine #1–8, of much larger circulation and fame. Kossy also published 'Book Happy Magazine' (1997 - 2002) which I never saw but it sounds great. Donny Kossy's False Positive is one of the great legendary zines of the golden era of small independent magazines (zines) 1977 through 1994 or thereabout. Considering this 16 year bracket to be the golden era of zines is certainly a matter of opinion. Chris Stigliano editor of one of the great music zines of that era and after Black To Comm has a very different notion. Chris lists 'TOP TEN BEST FANZINES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK WRITING ERA', a list culled entirely from the mid-70s. My list coincides with the years when I was involved with several Atlanta zines: Debbi Heidel's Useless Knowledge, Arthur Davis' 3 issue zine of 3 different names: I Washed the Cat Before I Had Him Get Into the Car, Certainly Officer, and Come Hell Or High Water, Vince Hoffman's great short lived hardcore zine Ratlanta and my own 17 issue LowLife (1984 through 1993). No doubt there were many great zines after the '77 to '94 period. In fact even in the era of 'everything' supposedly being available online we still have great print zines, very much in the style & substance of classic era small magazines. My current favorite is Dynamite Hemorrhage, a music zine that just issued its 8th print only issue..

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