Mariners Renegades and Castaways - the Story of Herman Melville and the World We Live in. C. L. R. James.

Mariners Renegades and Castaways - the Story of Herman Melville and the World We Live in

C. L. R. James (self published), 1953. First Edition. Soft Cover. Used - Very Good. Item #238692
ISBN: 281BYO1015157

(Four-inches x Six & 1/2-inches) 16mo.--Sextodecimo; mildly edgeworn with some toning & dust staining of textblock edges. One-quarter inch chip at bottom corner of front cover & first 7 pages slightly dog-eared. In 1953 James wrote thi book while being detained on Ellis Island. A self described Leninist, he wrote his study on Melville in part as parable on the anti-communism of the McCarthy era and our nation's uncritical faith in capitalism. All of this he wrote (and published) while being detained at Ellis island awaiting his deportation, after overstaying his Visa. On the back cover (from Chapter VII, p. 201) C.L.R. James (1902 - 1989) writes: 'I publish my protest with the book on Melville because,as I have shown, the book as written is a part of my experience. It is also a claim before the American people, the best claim I can put forward, that my desire to be a citizen is not a selfish nor a frivolous one.' So much and so little has changed in our country since 1953. As I type it appears that Donald Trump has been defeated by Joe Binden and Kamala Harris. Yet the Democratic party's young, progressive wing remains muzzled by voters irrational fear of the word 'socialist'. And despite his loss by several million votes in the popular vote, The Trumpist/proto-facists GOP of 2020 has managed to capture half the voters. Trump is very much the Roy Cohn Party remade for the 21st century. If C.L.R. James were alive today, he might very well be waiting deportation in some Texas borderland cell. 1953 James sent copies of this self published edition of Mariners to every member of the Senate in his effort to stay his deportation. His efforts failed, and he returned to Britian. No doubt the results would be the same in 2020. In fact, I cannot imagine many of the current crop of Senators would know what to do with a study of Moby-Dick. (203 pages)

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