Matzoh Balls and Baseballs. Dave Cohen.

Matzoh Balls and Baseballs

Havenhurst Books, June 2010. Trade Paperback. New. Item #248326
ISBN: 0982285345

As "America's favorite pastime," perhaps no sport has chronicled the rise of an immigrant nation like baseball. From German-American parents came Babe Ruth, Italian-Americans proudly point to Joe DiMaggio, and Jackie Robinson shattered the color barrier for African Americans that had kept them out of the game since the 1880s. Certainly, almost every Jewish baseball fan knows the names of Hall of Famers Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax, but Jews have played professional baseball in the United States since the earliest days of the sport. Indeed, over 160 Jews are known to have played professional baseball during the modern era, contributing significantly to the game on every level. But who, other than Koufax, is the only other Jewish pitcher to win the Cy Young Award? Which Jewish ballplayer's place in baseball history is assured, as he has the distinction of being the first major leaguer to play a game as a DH? In his landmark book Matzoh Balls and Baseballs, popular sportscaster Dave Cohen uncovers this hidden history and goes right to the source for answers, interviewing 17 former Jewish MLB players to hear, in their own words, what it was like to play in the Majors - the triumphs, frustrations, and everything in between. Foreword by Steve Greenberg. Interviewees include: Larry Yellen, Ron Blomberg, Elliott Maddox, Jim Gaudet, Richie Scheinblum, Joe Ginsberg, Ross Baumgarten, Mike Epstein, Ken Holtzman, Norm Sherry, Steve Stone, Steve Hertz, Don Taussig, Norm Miller, Barry Latman, Morris Savransky, and Al Rosen.

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