Item #263813 None But the Righteous: A Novel. Chantal James.

None But the Righteous: A Novel

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Chantal was an A Cappella bookseller throughout most of our years on Moreland until shortly after our move to Haralson in 2012. Her profoundly beautiful debut novel, "None But the Righteous," confirms the promise she showed from the first day she walked into the store exclaiming with the incomparable confidence of a soon-to-be college graduate (and Fulbright Scholar): "you should hire me to work here." Now, I can say, with equal confidence: "you should read this book."

Counterpoint, January 2022. Hardcover. New. Item #263813
ISBN: 1640094598

Lyrical, riveting, and haunting from its opening lines, None But the Righteous is an extraordinary debut that signals the arrival of an unforgettable new voice in contemporary fiction

In seventeenth-century Peru, St. Martin de Porres was torn from his body after death. His bones were pillaged as relics, and his spirit was said to inhabit those bones. Four centuries later, amid the havoc of Hurricane Katrina, nineteen-year-old Ham escapes New Orleans with his only valued possession: a pendant handed down from his foster mother, Miss Pearl. There's something about the pendant that has always gripped him, and the curiosity of it has grown into a kind of comfort.

When Ham finally embarks on a fraught journey back home, he seeks the answer to a question he cannot face: Is Miss Pearl still alive? Ham travels from Atlanta to rural Alabama, and from one young woman to another, as he evades the devastation that awaits him in New Orleans. Catching sight of a freedom he's never known, he must reclaim his body and mind from the spirit who watches over him, guides him, and seizes possession of him.

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