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Garden Book

Phaidon Press, November 2003. Trade Paperback. Used - Very Good. Item #266478
ISBN: 0714843555

The Garden Book presents a diverse range of designers responsible for some of the most interesting and iconic gardens and landscapes of all time from around the world. Gardens of Ancient Persia, the Moguls of India, and the palaces of Chinese Emperors sit side by side with contemporary gardens from the United States and Europe. Like The Art Book, this book presents 500 designers in an A-Z format that departs from the usual emphasis on genres and time periods.

The gardens are carefully selected, on the basis of key figures in landscape architecture, to illustrate the influence of each on the various traditions of gardening around the globe. They range, therefore, from the palaces of kings to the all-consuming passions - often bordering on obsession - of amateur enthusiasts. Written in an accessible way, the text explains the role of each chosen figure in the development of the garden, as well as the important changes to the garden over time.

Each designer is represented by a full-page illustration, mostly in colour, of their most significant garden. Long-vanished wonders, such as the mythical gardens of Babylon, are illustrated by artists' impressions and engravings.

Each page includes meticulous cross-references to other designers working in a similar style, movement or time period, as well as biographical information about the designer. The book also includes an easy-to-use glossary of terms and movements, as well as an extensive directory of gardens.


- A highly accessible overview of 500 garden designers organized in A-Z format now available in pocket format- Presents a widely diverse range of gardens from ancient Persia to the classical gardens of Europe and the contemporary gardens of the US- Each designer is represented by a garden that exemplifies their work and highlights their contribution to the history of the medium- The featured gardens are famous, destroyed, mythical and private- Includes an informative cross-referencing system linking designers who work in similar styles, movements or time periods- Contains an essential glossary and directory of gardens

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