Item #275776 Boys, Book Clubs, and Other Bad Ideas: A Monday Night Anthology. Kristina Horner, Maria, Berejan, Sunny, Everson, Shay, Lynam, Katrina, Hamilton, Jennifer Lee, Swagert, Stephen, Folkins.

Boys, Book Clubs, and Other Bad Ideas: A Monday Night Anthology

84th Street Press, October 2021. Trade Paperback. Used - Very Good. Item #275776
ISBN: 1956273018

"Gobsmackingly good."

-Grant Faulkner, Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month

"I assumed it would be good, but it's like... really good."

-Meagan Karimi-Naser, audiobook narrator

"These refreshing new voices are a joy to read and make me want to come up with my own interpretation."

-Tara Theoharis, creator of The Geeky Hostess and multiple nerdy cookbooks

Seven stories of love and impending doom

What happens when...

Escaped demons threaten prom?

An energy drink breaks the fabric of space-time?

A smug VR gamer is forced to team up with her last-choice player?

The pursuit of the perfect university application goes way too far?

A first date turns into a chase across alternate universes?

A wizard fanboy accidentally becomes a hero?

Death's secretary tries to save her favorite human from dying?

Bad ideas-that's what.

One prompt. Seven writers. Seven wildly different stories.

Monday Night Anthology is a multi-genre collection featuring unique interpretations of the same idea. From romance to satire, fantasy to humor, this volume brings fresh narratives and surprising twists that will make you believe in the brilliance of bad ideas.

Featuring stories by Kristina Horner, Stephen Folkins, Jennifer Lee Swagert, Katrina Hamilton, Shay Lynam, Sunny Everson, and Maria Berejan.


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