Item #285134 Milk Street: Cook What You Have: Make a Meal Out of Almost Anything (a Cookbook). Christopher Kimball.

Milk Street: Cook What You Have: Make a Meal Out of Almost Anything (a Cookbook)

Voracious, October 2022. Hardcover. New. Item #285134
ISBN: 0316387568

Make a meal out of almost anything.

Stop shopping and start cooking what you have. Your pantry's possibilities are endless. Milk Street will help you transform whatever you already have into bright, bold meals from around the world.

Got a can of chickpeas? It can become anything from a quick hummus to a curry spiked with sweet carrots, from a garlicky chickpea soup to a bowl of crispy canned beans with lemon and scallions.

Or grab that can of tomatoes from the back of the cabinet. It can become spicy one-pot pasta all'arrabbiata, chilaquiles rojos, a rich shakshuka with poached eggs or a chicken and tortilla soup.

Turn to the refrigerator, where eggs and leftover vegetables are the start of cheesy migas, a Spanish tortilla with potato chips or a quick fried rice. Chicken breasts or thighs from the freezer become Hungarian chicken paprikash or hearty chicken salad with green tahini. Cooks in Amalfi, Italy, taught us to turn a wedge of Parmesan and lemons on the counter into a light yet flavorful pesto. And that's just the start. Desserts, too, come together easily with ingredients everyone keeps on hand.

These 225 recipes begin with the most common ingredients in your kitchen, but they provide more than a lesson in practicality. They teach an improvisational, creative way to cook.

That's when cooking becomes an adventure.

Make a meal out of almost anything with this new classic from the James Beard Award-winning team at Milk Street: a book of 225 delicious, simple meals starting with the most common ingredients cooks keep on hand in the kitchen.

In Cook What You Have, the Milk Street team solves the problem of making dinner, starting with what you have on hand in the kitchen. Focusing on two dozen key kitchen ingredients such as couscous, tomato paste, canned beans, lentils, breadcrumbs or yogurt, the 225 featured recipes will demonstrate the endless possibilities that can be fashioned from just the ingredients you already have at home. Each essential ingredient will be the base for recipes that call upon kitchen staples that most cooks have on hand. All of the recipes have fewer than ten ingredients; most have fewer than eight; many have only six. The result is a range of weeknight-simple meals that nevertheless bring creativity and inspiration in every recipe. With most recipes taking less than an hour to prepare, you'll enjoy:

  • Thai Pork and Vegetable Stuffed Omelet
  • German Onion Pizza
  • Portuguese White Bean and Potato Soup
  • Ligurian Chickpeas in Zimino Sauce
  • Tahini-Roasted Butternut Squash with Herbs, Yogurt and Pumpkin Seeds
  • Georgian Khachapuri with Cheese and Herbs
  • Salmon with Peanut Salsa Macha
  • And more!
When time is of the essence, these recipes will get you there without sacrificing flavor at any step.

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