Item #289679 The School of Life: On Being Nice: A guide to friendship and connection (Lessons for Life). The School of Life.

The School of Life: On Being Nice: A guide to friendship and connection (Lessons for Life)

The School of Life, October 2022. Paper Back. New. Item #289679
ISBN: 1915087155

How to reclaim kindness as our greatest human strength.

We're surrounded by books telling us how to be rich, or thin. This book is different from other self-help books--because it teaches us to be nicer. Niceness might not have the immediate allure of money or fame, but who among us wouldn't like to be more patient, less irritable, or better listeners?

With a gently philosophical tone, this book gives us practical advice on how to forgive, how to reassure, and how to be generous. Being nice isn't at all the same as being weak, or naive. In fact, niceness is one of the highest planes of human achievement--a super power, and a strength.

Niceness deserves to be rediscovered and cultivated, and this book shows you how. Part of a new essential paperback series from The School of Life, covering a range of emotional lessons needed in order to lead fulfilled and happy lives.

  • BEING NICER CAN BENEFIT OUR LIVES, often in unexpected ways.
  • IN A TIME OF GLOBAL TURMOIL, this book encourages a focus on human kindness and empathy.
  • PRACTICAL AND ACCESSIBLE TIPS makes this an easy book to use in everyday life.

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