Phil Cohen - Fighting Union Busters in a Carolina Carpet Mill In-Store Talk & Book Signing

Phil Cohen - Fighting Union Busters in a Carolina Carpet Mill In-Store Talk & Book Signing

Sunday, Jun 05, 2022 3:00 PM

A Cappella Books
208 Haralson Avenue, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

A legendary organizer shares 30 years of defeating professional union busters.

A Cappella Books welcomes Workers United/SEIU Special Projects Coordinator Phil Cohen for a discussion of his book, “Fighting Union Busters in a Carolina Carpet Mill: An Organizer’s Memoir.” 

This event is free and open to the public. We will have copies of both of Cohen’s books, “Fighting Union Busters in a Carolina Carpet Mill,” and “The Jackson Project” available for purchase.

About the Book

In 2017, Workers United/SEIU called veteran organizer Phil Cohen out of retirement to investigate and expose a union-busting plot by Mohawk Industries at a North Carolina carpet mill. His hard-hitting account chronicles the resulting labor dispute that rocked a Fortune 500 company. 

The organizer had to prove management was behind an illegal decertification petition and forced workers to sign using strong-arm tactics. Though terrified of retaliation, witnesses gradually agreed to testify before federal agents. Mohawk retained a high-powered union-busting attorney who appealed directly to ultra-conservative heads of the National Labor Relations Board, while Right to Work Committee lawyers framed the issue as a test case to revoke laws protecting employee rights. The union’s only hope rested on presenting evidence too formidable for political bias to surmount. 

This memoir, infused with dry wit and insights into human nature, blows the lid off the nation’s union-busting epidemic, thrusting readers into the tumultuous environment of a union hall in crisis.

About the Author

Phil Cohen emerged from a tough working-class background to become one of the labor movement’s most celebrated field agents responsible for landmark decisions by the National Labor Relations Board and OSHA.