Stuart Eizenstat - President Carter: The White House Years

Stuart Eizenstat - President Carter: The White House Years

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019 7:00 PM

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
441 John Lewis Freedom Parkway NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

The definitive history of the Carter Administration from the man who participated in its surprising number of accomplishments—drawing on his extensive and never-before-seen notes.

About the Book

The Carter presidency is the most underappreciated of the last century. Often considered just a smiling but ineffectual Southerner in a sweater, Carter deserves to be remembered instead as a risk taker who always did the right thing, not the political thing, whose legacy led to presidential successes long after his term, and whose list of lasting achievements reshaped the country.

Stuart Eizenstat saw everything firsthand. As Carter’s chief domestic policy adviser, he was directly involved in all domestic and economic decisions as well as in many involving foreign policy. Famous for the legal pads he took to every meeting, he draws on more than 5,000 pages of contemporaneous notes, as well as declassified documents and the 350 interviews he conducted with the era’s key players from both parties, to write this comprehensive, yet intimate history.

This book is no apologia, however. Eizenstat analyzes Carter’s triumphs and failures honestly so we can understand how he confronted some of the most intractable challenges any president has faced. In the end you’ll agree that this good man from Georgia was a greater president than history has allowed—and that "President Carter: The White House Years" is the definitive history of his one consequential term.

About the Author

Stuart E. Eizenstat has served as U.S. Ambassador to the European Union and Deputy Secretary of both Treasury and State. He is also the author of "Imperfect Justice." He is an international lawyer in Washington, D.C.