Atlanta History Center Presents John Ferling in conversation with Jim Sefcik - Winning Independence Virtual Event

Atlanta History Center Presents John Ferling in conversation with Jim Sefcik - Winning Independence Virtual Event

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 7:00 PM

Atlanta History Center on Zoom

From celebrated historian John Ferling, the underexplored history of the second half of the Revolutionary War, when, after years of fighting, American independence often seemed beyond reach.

The Atlanta History Center welcomes the author for a virtual discussion of “Winning Independence: The Decisive Years of the Revolutionary War, 1778-1781” on Wednesday, May 19, at 7 PM (EST). Ferling will appear in conversation with 18th century American historian Jim Sefcik.

This event is free and open to the public. Join the event by registering via the link below.

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About the Book

It was 1778, and the recent American victory at Saratoga had netted the U.S a powerful ally in France. Many, including General George Washington, presumed France’s entrance into the war meant independence was just around the corner.

Meanwhile, having lost an entire army at Saratoga, Great Britain pivoted to a “southern strategy.” The army would henceforth seek to regain its southern colonies, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, a highly profitable segment of its pre-war American empire. Deep into 1780 Britain’s new approach seemed headed for success as the U.S. economy collapsed and morale on the home front waned. By early 1781, Washington, and others, feared that France would drop out of the war if the Allies failed to score a decisive victory that year. Sir Henry Clinton, commander of Britain’s army, thought “the rebellion is near its end.” Washington, who had been so optimistic in 1778, despaired: “I have almost ceased to hope.

“Winning Independence” is the dramatic story of how and why Great Britain—so close to regaining several southern colonies and rendering the postwar United States a fatally weak nation ultimately failed to win the war. The book explores the choices and decisions made by Clinton and Washington, and others, that ultimately led the French and American allies to clinch the pivotal victory at Yorktown that at long last secured American independence

About the Author

John Ferling is professor emeritus of history at the University of West Georgia. He is the author of many books on the American Revolution, including “The Ascent of George Washington”; “Almost a Miracle”; “A Leap in the Dark”; “Whirlwind”, a finalist for the 2015 Kirkus Book Prize; and, most recently, “Apostles of Revolution: Jefferson, Paine, Monroe, and the Struggle Against the Old Order in America and Europe.” He and his wife, Carol, live near Atlanta.