Are you a regular shopper at A Cappella Books? Join the Choir!

No membership fees - no commitments - just SAVINGS!

WHAT is the A Cappella Choir?

The Choir is your own personal account for books - a down payment, if you will, on future purchases. If you open a Choir account with us, that means you give us - upfront - the $100, $500, or $1000 you will eventually spend on books. And when it’s time to make a purchase, you just wink and say, “I’m in the Choir, baby.”

WHY join the A Cappella Choir?

It saves you money! $100 members get 10% extra book-buying credit, or $110 in their account. $500 members get 20%, or $600 in their account. And $1000 members get a whopping 30%, or $1300 in their account. Not a dime of your cash goes toward membership fees: Your money (plus a little bit of ours) all goes toward the books YOU chose.

Other perks incude free local delivery to all in-town members, preferred seating at author events, and invites to exclusive meet and greets!

No, but really, WHY should I join?

The Choir is one BIG reason why A Cappella is still in business, 32 years and counting. When slow times (or pandemics) come through, Choir memberships give us the cash we need to keep books on the shelves, pay our wonderful staff, and bring incredible authors to Atlanta. Truly, your membership makes all the difference.

Don't live in Atlanta? No problem. Just call or email anytime you'd like to place an order, charge it to your choir account, and we'll ship it to you right away. 

Please join the Choir today at your preferred level using the buttons below. Or call or come by if you still have further questions. 

“You know I love a cappella and the Choir. I try to support local and independent businesses of all kinds. And I especially love that A Cappella has a personality. You don't carry every book published, but rather have a real theme and mission which is indicated by the books and authors you support. It's similar to the difference between reading good literature and a mass market paperback novel. A bookstore with a personality is like a well-written book.” – Alice Washington, member of the A Cappella Choir since 2014