Book Clubs

A Cappella has two book clubs to offer our customers, whether they be located with us right here in Atlanta or all the way across the world.

The first--the Progressive Readers Club (PRC)--is for readers with progressive values who want to stay up-to-date on what the best authors in the field are writing about progress, politics, and peace. Throughout the year, members of the PRC receive signed first editions of the latest work from progressive authors, with a portion of all book proceeds benefiting an organization in our community that is working to advance our shared values. Past PRC picks include United by Democratic senator Cory Booker, Listen, Liberal by New York Times bestselling political author Thomas Frank, and Democracy Now! by award-winning news program Democracy Now! executive producer Amy Goodman.

The second book club we offer is the Signed First Editions Club, which offers members an exclusive first pick of selected signed first editions that come through our store. We'll send an email every few weeks announcing our favorite signed books in the store, and we'll securely store your info on file so that all you need to do is reply to the email with your picks. We'll ring you up and ship your books to you the next day. Easy, peasy.

If you'd like to join one or more these clubs, click on their names for more details.