Q. Luther Blissett, Shaun Whiteside.


Harcourt, Inc., May 2004. First Edition. Hardcover. Used - Very Good / Very Good. Item #247064
ISBN: 0151010633

1517 Martin Luther nails his ninety-five theses to the door of Wittenburg Cathedral, and a dance of death begins between a radical Anabaptist with many names and a loyal papal spy, known mysteriously as "Q." In this brilliantly conceived literary thriller set in the chaos of the Reformation-an age devastated by wars of religion-a young theology student adopts the cause of heretics and the disinherited and finds himself pursued by a relentless papal informer and heretic-hunter. What begins as a personal struggle to reveal each others' identities becomes a mission that can only end in death.


Amidst the chaos of the Reformation Age, a young theology student adopts the cause of heretics and the disinherited and finds himself pursued by those keen to spill the blood of any would-be supporter of Martin Luther. Very good+/fine in very good dustjacket. Black spine with gold foil lettering stamped on spine and red paper covered boards. Scarlet end papers. Clean, bright, sound copy of the First American Edition in very good jacket. Flap is not clipped. No internal markings. Tightly bound with slight pull top of spine. Stated, First U.S. edition with complete letter string. Originally published in the Italian 1999. 'Q' was anonymously published by the leftist prankster collective sometimes known as the Luther Blissett Project (LBP) or Wu Ming, the Chinese words for 'anonymous'. The LBP was responsible for other poltical actions, pranks, and a dozen novels. 'Q' was the first and best known of the novels and appears a likely inspiration for the rightwing Trump loving QAnon group. This notion was stated outright in the 2021 documentary series Q: Into the Storm (directed by Cullen Hoback). The documentary also charted how the likewise left leaning Anonymous hacktivist collective fed into the QAnon conspiracy loving lunacy. These should be seen as lessons in how arguably noble ideas can become corrupted into awful real world troubles. Nevertheless, this novel should not be blamed for anything done or said in Trump's name by bug-eyed nuts screaming about Democrats Party penchant for drinking the blood of infants. At worst the novel is an interesting footnote to the recent political car crash we all witnessed turn into a firestorm of live action insanity on January 6, 2021. At best it is a remarkable piece of experimental political literature, that deserves to be read, despite all the garbage strewn in its wake.

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