Naomi McDougall Jones - The Wrong Kind of Women

Naomi McDougall Jones - The Wrong Kind of Women

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020 7:00 PM

Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge
644 North Highland Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Following her widely-praised TED Talk, actress, writer, and producer Naomi McDougall Jones provides a brutally honest look at the systemic exclusion of women in film and how, in response, women are making space in cinema for their voices to be heard.

Jones will be in conversation with Jill Melancon, host of Creative Loafing Atlanta's "Culture Clash" podcast. 

This event is free and open to the public. Reserve your seat by pre-ordering a copy of "The Wrong Kind of Women" from A Cappella.

If you are unable to attend the event, you may pre-order a signed copy of the book for in-store pickup or delivery below:

About the Book

Generation after generation, women have faced the devastating reality that Hollywood is a system built to keep them out. The films created by that system influence everything from our worldviews to our brain chemistry. When female voices are excluded from the medium, the impact on society is immense. Actor, screenwriter and award-winning independent filmmaker Naomi McDougall Jones takes us inside the cutthroat, scandal-laden film industry, where women direct only 5% of the top studio films and less than 20% of leading characters in mainstream movies are female. Jones calls on all of us to act radically to build a different kind of future for cinema—not only for the women being actively hurt inside the industry but for those outside it whose lives, purchasing decisions, and sense of selves are shaped by the stories told.

Informed by the journey of her own career, by interviews with others throughout the film industry, and by cold, hard data, Jones deconstructs the casual, commonplace sexism rampant in Hollywood that has kept women out of key roles for decades. Next, she shows us the growing female-driven revolution in filmmaking. Sparked by streaming services, crumbling distribution models, direct-to-audience access via innovative online platforms, and outside advocacy groups, women are now able to build careers outside the traditional studio system. Finally, she makes a business case for financing and producing films by female filmmakers.

About the Author

Naomi McDougall Jones is an award-winning actress, writer, and producer. Her TED Talk, "What It's Like to Be a Woman in Hollywood," ignited a global outpouring of support for the women in film movement. Naomi has written, produced, and acted in two award-winning independent feature films, "Imagine I'm Beautiful" (2014) and "Bite Me" (2019).