Andrew Farkas – The Great Indoorsman In-Store Talk & Book Signing

Andrew Farkas – The Great Indoorsman In-Store Talk & Book Signing

Saturday, Jul 16, 2022 3:00 PM

A Cappella Books
208 Haralson Avenue, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

“Absurdist and absurdly amusing, Andrew Farkas takes readers on a sublime tour through dive bars and coffeehouses, dilapidated movie theaters and dying malls. A doctor of knowledge, erudite but humble, Farkas creates an enchanting yet down-to-earth collection perfect for indoors, outdoors, or anywhere in between.”—Kathleen Rooney, author of Cher Amiand Major Whittlesey

A Cappella Books is delighted to welcome author Andrew Farkas for a discussion and signing of his wonderfully inventive collection of essays, “The Great Indoorsman.”

This event is free and open to the public, and copies of the book will be available for purchase. 

About the Book

Many authors have traveled and explored the out-of-doors, both in life and then in their books, proving themselves stalwart, audacious, even heroic; Andrew Farkas is not among them. He is brave enough to admit that the outdoors isn’t for him. Instead, in these essays Farkas reports on his bold explorations of a very different territory: the in-of-doors, the waiting rooms, kitchens, malls, bars, theaters, roadside motel rooms, and other places that feature temperature control, protection from rampaging predators, and a higher degree of comfort than can be found outside.

Farkas discovers that, just as the mannered and wonderfully (gloriously) artificial indoors influences us greatly, our lives are also controlled much more by fiction than by anything “real.” So come in out of the weather (it’s always terrible) and join the Great Indoorsman on his adventures, where he makes fun of pretty much everything, most of all himself.

About the Author

Andrew Farkas is an assistant professor of English at Washburn University. He is the author of “The Big Red Herring,” “Sunsphere,” and “Self-Titled Debut.”